Roy Bennett Releases "The Four Part Trilogy: Movements From The Lower Region"

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 25, 2012 -- "The Four Part Trilogy: Movements From The Lower Region" is the second record from Dallas group Roy Bennett. Since Roy Bennett’s successful 2007 debut record release, Onomatopoeia, the Roy Bennett band has been a busy bunch. In 2008, their song “I Sucked Today” was used by Neiman Marcus for some of its radio advertising, which lead Ben Templeton and D. Hayes Smith (main songwriters in Roy Bennett) to writing music for multiple tv and radio commercials. By the end of 2010 they found themselves in the independent movie business. Roy Bennett wrote the movie score and produced the album soundtrack to the motion picture, “Traveling,” which had a successful run on the independent movie festival circuit in 2011. The band’s latest release, "The Four Part Trilogy...," brings a wide collection of instruments lead to an eclectic mix of songs ranging from country influences to rock, with even a hint of electronica here and there.

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Roy Bennett has a new record!

April 30th 2012

Roy Bennett — the four part trilogy: movements from the lower region.

And now Roy Bennett has partnered with Powderfinger Promotions for Independent Radio Promotion and Publicity — Since being founded in October 1994, Powderfinger has come to be regarded as a top indie radio promoter and publicity firm with ties across North America.

Release date is now set for May 15, 2012.

Roy Bennett and the Independent Film Traveling

March 24th 2011

Roy Bennett has recently completed the music score for the independent film Traveling, Written and Directed by Rachel Shepherd.

Traveling-The Movie Trailer from Roy Bennett on Vimeo.

Traveling is a drama which follows the story of three people who have never really had a family that find that connection on a road trip to Austin. With one passenger just looking for a ride, another greatly needing a distraction, and the third looking for any kind of connection, they may or may not find what they need along the way. The cast includes Reece Rios, Melissa Odom and McKaley Miller.

In addition, Roy Bennett also co-produced the CD soundtrack for the film. Along with the title song “Traveling” from CaitlinAndJana, Tyler Phillips’ “Gamblin’ Shoes,” Roy has written 8 new songs exclusively for the movie. Traveling will be premiering at the The DALLAS International Film Festival on April 2nd, 2:15PM at the Magnolia Theatre in Dallas. Get your passes for this uber-cool festival, or buy your individual tickets now!

Roy Bennett’s Music used in Advertising

Roy Bennett continues to have the song “I Sucked Today”, from the debut CD Onomatopoeia, used in radio commercials for Neiman Marcus’ Last Call Stores. This marks the second year of that relationship.

In 2010, Roy Bennett has licensed music to Dixon Lawnmowers, Patience Choice, National Restaurant Association, Direct Energy, and Don Davis Auto Group.

The band continues to work on their latest CD with no release date set.

3/4 of Roy Bennett will be playing at the House of Blues

3/4 of Roy Bennett will be playing at the House of Blus this month with our keyboard player Michael in his band When in Rome ( Collyer will be playing drums and Hayes on sax.

Also on the bill are:

A Flock Of Seagulls, Dramarama, & Gene Loves Jezebel

Roy Bennett (The Band) Has a New Video--With a Hot Chick and Everything!

By Darryl Smyers, The Dallas Observer, Tuesday, Apr. 14 2009 @ 2:07PM

The local rock trio known as Roy Bennett has just released a new video for its song "Alone," and, hey, they actually got a semi-famous actress to star in it!

Lead singer Ben Templeton met Farah White, who, among her credits, was one of the beauty pageant contestants in Miss Congeniality, while he was recording one of her voice-over spots for Neiman Marcus.

"We've been doing radio commercials for a year or so and we just clicked," says Templeton. "At the time, I didn't realize she was working on much bigger projects, which is mainly acting in films."

Seems White recently premiered her film, ExTerminators, which also stars Heather Graham, at SXSW. Another film she's in comes out next month: Band Slam, which also features Vanessa Hudgens, Lisa Kudrow, and David Bowie.

So, yeah, it's a pretty good catch for a local trio that rarely ventures out of the studio. Since releasing its 2006 debut effort, Onomatopoeia, the guys in Roy Bennett have continued their sheltered existence inside Templeton's home studio. But the singer/guitarist says that's all about to change: "We have a new CD coming out late this summer. With the addition of Micheal Floreale from When in Rome, along with the regulars Collyer Spreen and D. Hayes Smith, we've hit on an awesome creative stride. Hayes and I will be playing a few live things, just to work out some new material and keep the rust off of me."

One of those live dates will come on Saturday, April 25 at White Rock Coffee. The band's catchy rock/pop is worth checking out. So is White, if you catch my drift.

“2 Daze Away” is Roy Bennett's new Single Release for Jack&Dorothy, Inc.

“The pop rockers in Roy Bennett have just issued a new single and accompanying video--and both show a surprising amount of sophistication for a trio of slackers from Lake Highlands....with “2 Daze Away”, Roy Bennett mixes a bit of reggae into its bare bones rock, making music that’s simple without being simplistic.”

— Darryl Smyers, The Dallas Observer